Prior to the treatment of an infected home, a mandatory and thorough inspection to determine all areas of bed bug harborage must be conducted; a check list on how to be prepared will be issued to residents. Once treatment day is scheduled, a licensed professional will treat all sleeping areas, couches, carpets etc. Treatment will consist of hepavac, insecticides and growth regulators (prevents bed bug reproduction). A mandatory follow up treatment will be performed within 10 - 15 days of original treatment. 


Bedbug Prep.

1. Beds, Sofa Beds, Couches.

Remove sheets, blankets, pillowcases and place in bags to be washed & dried after treatment.


2. Curtains.

Remove bedroom Curtains. 

3. Worn night clothes.

Place worn night clothes in bags to be washed and dried after treatment.

4. Dresser, Drawers & Nightstands.

Empty clothes and place in bags to be washed & dried after treatment.  

5. Clothing Closet.

Remove items off floor. If bedbugs are in clothes remove the clothes from closet and place in bags to be washed or dry cleaned.