An inspection of area will be done prior to treatment. Any holes and openings will be treated and sealed. Effective and safe rodent treatment will be performed, especially in sensitive environments with children, pets and people on support systems. Any conditions conducive to infestation will be reported for correction to prevent further infestation. A successful rodent program will require a follow-up treatment within 15 days.

Rodent Inspection List

1. Exterior door to high 

2. Open windows

3. open vents 

4. Open floor drains

5. Clutter in home

6. Exposed garbage

7. Exterior Compactor

8. High weeds

9. Rat Burrows

10. Cracks, holes need to be sealed 

11. Large holes around pipes 

12. Exposed bait

13. Uncovered food 

14. Rodent droppings

15. Pigeon feedings

16. Debris on landing or awnings 

17. Live or dead rodents.